WordPress is my preferred platform to use when I build new websites. WordPress is very easy to use and install which makes it a breeze to get a website up and running. You can build a basic website in less then five minutes. How long it takes to build a finished website depends on how much content you want to add and how much customization you want to do.

Not just for blogs

WordPress started out as a blogging tool but have developed into so much more. Now it is a CMS suitable to be used to build almost any website. Large or small. Most developers will find all the features they need using WordPress without any plugins. Those who do not will find it easy to add plugins to add the features they want.

100% Free

One huge benefit that WordPress offers is that it is 100% free. You can go to wordpress.org and download it right now. If you want to you can even go to wordpress.com and get a free website hosted by WordPress. This way you do not have to pay for hosting. I do not recommend that you use this option. The benefits you get from paying for your own hosting more than outweighs the cost of hosting. You should be able to find a suitable hosting account for USD 5-6 a month. Do not get so called WordPress hosting. This type of hosting is often expensive. You pay a lot more and get little extra. A regular hosting account with php and Mysql is your best option.

You might have to move your website to a larger hosting account if your website grows and become popular. When this happens you should be able to afford better hosting.

The worlds most popular CMS

WordPress is very popular. This is beneficial for a numbers of reasons. The most important reasons are:

  • There is a large developer community that develops themes and plugins for WordPress.
  • It is easy to find cheap freelancers to help you develop your website.
  • It is easier to sell the website if you want to sell it since a lot of people know how to manage WordPress websites.


WordPress provides a large curated database of different free themes that you can use on your website. Different themes will give your website a completely different look and feel. Some themes are very simple while others provide a lot of different features that allows you to customize the website to look exactly as you want it to look.

There is also a large selection of premium themes available. Premium themes are themes that you need to pay for. Most themes are rather cheap to buy but some can be more expensive. There are premium themes available regardless of what types of website you want to build. There are themes developed for professionals, for the real estate market, for restaurants, for personal blogs and so on.

Custom theme

A free or premium theme can be a good option when you are fist building your website. Your goal should however be to build a custom theme designed to be used on your site. A custom theme is a more professional option since it is unique to your website. Free and premium themes are used on hundreds or even thousands of websites.

No free or premium theme will be 100% perfect for your website. A custom theme can be designed to suit your site perfectly.

It is not hard to build a custom theme but it is despite this something that can be best to outsource. Make sure that the theme you get developed is 100% custom and not simple a modified free or premium theme.


There are 1000s of free plugins and 1000s of paid plugins. WordPress is used to build all types of websites and you are therefore able to find a plugin that will add just about any feature you might want to add to your website.

If you are unable to find a suitable plugin (very rare) then you can easily find someone to build it for you.