Social media

Social media can be a great tool to promote your business. All business should have a social media presence. It does not matter what business you are in.Being on social media makes it easier for potential clients to find and contact you. Make sure to reply to all questions quickly and with the information the client is requesting. This helps create a good relationship with the client and improves your chances of turning visitors into clients.

Being active on social media allow you to build a community consisting of customers and potential customers that you easily can contact to offer them new products and special deals. A large community can be a very powerful promotion tool if you run a bar, nightclub and restaurants since you can keep in constant contact with your community about your upcoming events. The same is true for many other business where repeat purchases are common.

Which platforms to use

There are a large number of difference social media platforms out there. It is very hard to have a large thriving community on all of them. It usually better to focus your effort on just a few platforms than it is to try to be active on many. By focusing you are able to offer one good channel instead of several bad ones. One good channel is going to attract a lot more follower than several bad ones will and will also build a more loyal following. A single well ran channel is therefore a lot more powerful promotion tool than several weaker channels are.

Which platforms you should focus on depends on what industry you are in. Certain platforms are more popular among certain groups than others. An example of this is that Pinterest is a very strong platform for companies that provide craft and hobby supplies. The same is true if you run a fashion company. Pinterest will therefore be a stronger platform to use if you are in an industry that is popular on Pinterest than it will be in other industries.

Twitter can be a strong platform but is usually overrated. The number of real active users is lower than you expect and twitters reach in certain industries are very low. One big benefit with Twitter is that Twitter is very popular among journalists and it can therefore be a good way to get information in front of the eyes of a journalist. If you decide to run a Twitter channel than it is very important to make sure to stay active.

All business should have a presence on Facebook. Facebook has a larger reach then any other social media platform and allows great opportunities for you to advertise and reach new customers. If you only want one social media account then you should setup a Facebook page for your business.

Social media is a two way street

It is very important to understand that social media is a two way street. It is all about interaction. You can not simply post your offers and deals and expect to get a good result. If you want to build a community with loyal customers then you need to make sure to interact with with. You must keep an eye on the social media platform and answer any questions that are posted. Make sure the customers feel like you are listening to them.

Take the high road

Social media can be a rough place. A lot of people might post angry comments because they are disappointed with the product they purchased or because they are trolls. It is very important to make sure to never respond in kind. Always avoid sinking to the level of the other guy. You know what they say about wrestling a pig. It doesn’t matter who wins you will both be covered in shit. The same is true online. Take the high road and ignore troll comments. (or remove them completely). You can never win a fight with these guys.

Social media software

There are a number of different software out there such as the buzz bundle that allows you to manage social media channels and schedule future updates etc. These software are usually not that expensive and can be very helpful to make sure that new information get posted on the intended day.