No one is able to do it all themselves. It is impossible to know everything and it can be very hard to have time to do everything. If you are on a very tight budget then in can be a good idea to try to do everything yourself. Learning what you do not already know. This is a good way to shoe string a business.

Once your business has grown it can usually be a good idea to start outsourcing certain tasks. This allows you to focus on the most important part of the business while skilled workers are working on the things you chose to outsource.

Never be afraid to outsource part of your work. It is the secret to success.

I can not afford to outsource

A very common reason not to outsource different tasks is that the entrepreneur feel that they can not afford it. This is seldom true. It is true that it can be good to do everything yourself if you want to shoestring a start up. It is however seldom true in an established business. The question is not, can I afford to outsource. The question should be, “can I afford not to outsource”. In most scenarios it cost more to choose to do everything yourself then it does to outsource some tasks that are outside your core business.

You are the owner of the business and you should focus on bringing more business to the company and making sure that existing contracts are fulfilled to the customers satisfaction. Any time you spend doing menial tasks that can be outsourced is time that you can not spend bringing in more business. It is better for you to focus on bringing in more business and doing the work that cant be outsourced cheaply.

It can be scary to start outsourcing certain tasks but it really is the secret to success. You need to focus on the most important tasks. Everything else can be outsourced.

Finding free lancers

It is easy to find free lancers who are willing to help you with the tasks you need help with. There are several websites available that focus on connecting entrepreneurs and free lancers. Odesk is a good example of such a website. Freelancer.com is another.  Most websites that connects free lancers with potential clients allow you to post your job on the website so that free lancers can bid on it. In most cases you will get tens of bids within 24 hours.

Choosing which free lancer to hire is usually a lot harder than finding a free lancer willing to work for you. The marketplaces luckily provide tools that are designed to make this process easier. They allow you to see how many jobs the free lancer have done and how many of those they have finished to the clients satisfaction. You can look at their history and see what rating all their previous clients gave them.

If you are considering hiring a free lancer that only done a few jobs then you should choose on with a perfect rating. If you choose someone that has finished more contracts then you can choose someone who has a few less then perfect ratings. It is almost impossible to have a perfect rating for someone who finished a lot of tasks and a few lower scores does not imply a poor srevice. The one exception from this rule is if all the bad ratings has been given during the last few months, if the free lancers quality seems to be sinking.

Price vs quality

You can not assume that a cheap free lancer will do a poor job or that an expensive free lancer will do a good job. There are plenty of bad expensive free lancers and plenty of good cheap ones. Skill is just one of many qualities that decides the price of a service. Other factors that are important for the price includes which country the free lancer is based out of and how much money they need to earn to live on. Skilled free lancers that are trying to build a good reputation is often willing to give you a very good price.

Outsourcing to foreign free lancers

You should not be afraid to outsource your contacts to free lancers outside of America. This allows you to get highly skilled labour at a low cost. This gives you a better chance to make your company a success. Once you are successful you can create jobs in your local area.

Make sure to give the free lancer good instructions

It is very important that you provide the free lancer with good information that tells them  exactly what you are expecting from them. Always use clear language and avoid fuzzy language. Words such as modern, clean and many more are subjective and can mean different things to different people. Using these in your instructions can cause confusion and lead to problems. Give clear instructions and provide example whenever possible. The better your instructions are the higher the chance is that you will get what you want.