Getting to the top

Getting to the top in Google and other search engines require skill and patience. A little luck does not hurt either. It is important to understand that it takes time to get to the top of the search engines. If you try to do it too quickly then there is a big risk that you will end up dropping down again sooner rather then later. It can be very hard to claw your way back to the top once you have dropped down. It is better to be patient and allow it to take 6- 12 months to reach the top. This will allow you to build a stronger foundation that makes it easier to stay near the top.

How hard it is going to be to get to the top depends on the term you are trying to rank for. Some terms are easy to rank for while others are a lot harder to rank for. You can estimate how hard it is going to be to rank a website for a certain term by analysing the top ranking websites. Is the top spots in google occupied by home pages or sub pages? How old are the websites? How strong are their link profiles and which keywords does the link profile target? How good is the content on the website? Is it well optimized? Is there anything you can do to create a website that provide a better user experience?

Once you know how hard it is going to rank for a certain term you can consider whether it is worth going after that term or whether you should try to target other keywords. Try to estimate what it will take to rank and how much you can earn if you do. Is the ROI (return on investment) high enough to make it worth your time and effort to target this keyword or is your time better spent elsewhere. If you are a beginner you should avoid very competitive keywords such as loans, cfd trading and binary options.  These terms require a lot of skill, effort and resources to rank for.

Lets look at a couple of examples:

  • The website is using an EMD domain (Exact match Domain),  has a well optimized webpage, good onpage SEO and have almost 200 000 links from almost 900 domains and is still only cracking the top 5 for the term binary options. A website like this would dominate most other industries. Visit website…
  •  Lendingclub occupies the number 2 spot for the very lucrative term loans.   It has links from almost 10 000 different domains.  Imaged to enter this business and having to get 10 000 different websites to link to your website to be able to compete for the top spots. This a monumental undertaking. Visit website…

These keywords are as you can see extremely competitive and you will be better of targeting something less competitive. at least for your first few projects.

If you are targeting a local term than you need to analyse the websites that are ranking at the top for local searches. If you try searching for the keyword from another area then you might get other results and end up analysing other competitors than those you really need to out compete. If you are in the local area then you can do a regular search to see the local results. If you are located somewhere else then you can use a VPN to connect to google using an IP in the local area you want to target to see the right results.

Always put user experience first

It is very important to always put user experience first. It is very easy to get tempted to build a website that is designed primarily for the search engines. To build a website that is supposed to be as easy as possible to get to the top of google. This is a mistake. You should always try to build a website that is designed with the end user in mind. A website that is designed to provide the user with the best possible experience will stand the test of time better and will be easier to keep at the top of Google even if it is slightly harder to get their in the first place. A website that is designed with the customer in minds will also make more money from each visitors. This means that you can earn more money in a lower position if your website is designed with the user in mind.

Optimize the website

That you should put the user first does not mean that you shouldn’t try to optimize the code and make it load as quickly as possible. This help improve the user experience and makes it easier for the search engines to index your website. There is a lot you should think about when you try to optimize your website. This includes making the website easier to rank in the search engines, make the website load faster and removing unnecessary code.


Links play a large role in getting your website to the top. You can learn about links and how to get links in our article here.

On page SEO

On page SEO is one of the most important factors to be consider if you want to rank well. You link profile and your on page SEO are the two main factors that will decide how high your website will rank in the search engines.

On page SEO is a way to make it easier for search engines to understand what a website is all about and when to return that website as a result.

Text and headers

The first thing to consider when looking at on page SEO is the text on the website. The text should be easy to read, provide the information a user might be looking for and contain the terms you want to rank for as well as different synonyms for the term in question. The term you want to rank for should be mentioned several times in the text but it is also important not use it too frequently. The text should feel and read like a normal text. It should not be spammy. How many times you should use the keyword depends on the industry you want to rank in and how long your text is. The longer articles you write the more times you can use your keyword.

Avoid writing very long passages of text and use headers generously to make the text easier to browse. I recommend that you try to keep each section below 300 words. Learn how to use headers in the right way.

Your page should also contain images with suitable alt tags as well as other media as appropriate.

Title and meta

Titles and meta descriptions are also important parts of on page SEO. Google themselves claims that meta descriptions isn’t used as a ranking factor but my test indicates that it is. You should take care to write a good tittle and meta description even if Google doesn’t use it as a ranking factor as a good title and description will increase the click through rate from the search engines to your website. This will allow you to make more money and might help you rank better.

Proper code

Make sure to use W3 validated code on your website. Using proper code make the website easier to crawl and might help you rank better.

Correct errors

Scan the website to make sure that there are no technical error that might prevent you from ranking as high as possible.