Building a website

Building a website does not have to be hard and you do not need to know anything about HTML or programming to build a stunning website. There are tools online that allow you to build advanced websites by simply using ready made scripts that you can download for free or for a small fee.

It is beneficial to have a basic understanding of HTML if you want to build a website but it is not required. You can build the website you want without ever having to look at any code. Knowing code will however make it easier and give you more freedom to modify things exactly as you want them.

If you are unable to produce the desire results then you can outsource the part of the work that is giving you trouble. It easy to find good cheap free lancers living in the developing world. You can read more about outsourcing different tasks in our article here.

Know what you want

You should know what you want before you start building your new websites. Do not start building the website until you have a clear idea about how you want it look. This will make it easier to build the website and allow you to build a better website. Building a website without a predefined plan will usually take a long time and produce a poor result.

I recommend that you take a couple of days to write down everything you want to be able to offer on the website, how the different functions are supposed to interact and so on. Once you got this list you should give everything on your list a priority order. This order defines in what order you add new functions. This makes sure that you add more important functions before you start working on other less important functions. This is especially important if you are building a large website. A large website can take months and even years to complete. It is therefore good if people can go to your website and find the most important functions even if you still are adding other features behind the scenes. Do not launch the website until you have finished all of the necessary functions on the site. Never publish websites that are under construction. Do not feature links to section you have not yet built etc.

Keep it simple

It is easy to end up with a very long list of features that you want to add to your website. If you do then you should take a long look at the list and see if you can delete anything from the list. Adding too many functions to a website is a common mistake that makes the website less user friendly. Too many functions will result in a bloated website that loads slowly and that lacks focus. Try to provide few but well built functions.

The same is true for the layout and design of the website. It is good to keep it simple and clean. This makes the website easier to navigate and use.

Mobile friendly

All websites should be mobile friendly. Google and other search engines prefer websites that work on mobile units. You will lose a lot of potential customers if your website only works on computers and not on mobile units.

Building the website

Once you know what you want you can start building the website. I recommend that you build it using a popular free website software. My personal preference is WordPress. It is the worlds most popular CMS software in the world. The popularity of WordPress have resulted in a large developer community that develops plugins for WordPress. This in turn make it very easy to find plugins to add the functions you want to WordPress. If you are unable to find a plugin that does what you want then it is very easy to find a cheap freelancer that knows how to work with WordPress.


Always make sure that the content on your website keeps a very high quality. Make sure that your content and information is better than that offered by your competitors. Your texts should be easy to understand and provide your readers with the information they look for. Try to illustrate the information with pictures, examples and other visual aids.

The quality of your content is more important than how well built your website is. Your goal should always be to make sure that the content and website is great. But if you are unable to do both at the same time then I recommend focusing on the content first and then improving the website itself when you got the content you need.